Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Big Boy in his Big Boy Room!

Connor made the move from his crib in his nursery to his new bed in his new room on Friday night. I was only a little bit nervous because he was so excited about his new airplane room and he does pretty good sleeping in the toddler bed at my mom's house.
We did our normal bedtime routine and put Chloe to bed first and then David and I both took Connor up to his new room. He laid right down and we told him night night and closed the door. He whined just a little so I went up there to check on him and asked him if he wanted a night light so he could see his new room while he fell asleep and he said yes. So I put a night light in there, told him night night again and closed the door. We didn't hear another peep out of him and he fell asleep pretty fast.
He slept the whole night with no problems. The only thing was that the upstairs is on it's own thermostat and since we have never slept up there, it's hard to judge what it should be set on. We are also in a season where we need the air conditioner on when we go to bed but the heater in the early morning. We have a programmable thermostat downstairs that makes this change for us over night, but we don't have that upstairs. So his room was a little cold on Saturday morning but it didn't seem to bother him. He has actually been sleeping better because it's cooler up there and he has a fan. This all has helped him breathe better and not get so congested.
Chloe also loves his new room. They used to always play together in her room but now they always want to go play upstairs in his room. She loves laying in his bed but it usually makes him pretty mad so she sneaks in there and does it when he isn't in there. David caught her up there right after they got home yesterday. I guess she ran straight up there and jumped in bed.
Connor has now spent 4 nights in his new room with no problems. When we put Chloe to bed, he likes to tell me that he isn't going to his old room, that he's going to his new room and that the baby will sleep in the baby bed now.
I was also afraid of him getting out of his bed to play with his toys when we would put him to bed or when he woke up but he hasn't done that so far.  It's like he doesn't think he can get out of the bed.  He just sits in it or lays down and plays with his blanket until we come and get him like he used to do in his crib.  There is NO WAY Chloe would be like that.  She would be up playing with her toys all night.  Another reason we chose to move Connor and not her.
I'm glad we decided to do this a couple of months before the baby actually gets here so that he is okay with the move and doesn't feel like we kicked him out. He has forgotten that it's not his room only a couple of times when he ran in there looking for his toys and then realized they are upstairs. Overall, it's gone very smoothly!

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