Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a busy busy Easter weekend!
Saturday morning, we headed to our local park for an Egg Drop! Parking was limited at the park so we had to park at the high school and take a shuttle. Connor loves seeing school buses every morning and can spot one a mile away. So in our hurry to get there, it hit me that we were going to be riding a school bus! I knew he would be excited. And he was, he has talked about it ever since.
There was a small petting zoo there.
Then it was time to wait...they were running behind so the kids got a little antsy.
So we just took pictures...
Then the helicopter came and dropped the eggs!
When they told us it was time to go, Chloe ran right out there and started grabbing eggs! She did look back one time to make sure it was ok for her to go.
Connor took a little nudging to get out there but he knew what to do once he started.
After the egg hunt, we jumped in the bounce house, ate some lunch, and waited in a very long line to ride the shuttle back to our car. On the way home, Connor said "that fun" out of no where...on his own! That made it all worth it to me!
Sunday, we got up to see what the Easter bunny brought us. I didn't take any pictures, I got it all on video instead. But here's a picture of their stash before they dug into it.
What the Easter Bunny brought:
Chloe got a figurine set of Disney Princesses and Connor got a figurine set of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
They both got:
Sidewalk Chalk
Bubble guns
Flip Flops
Bunny Ears
After playing at home for a few hours, we headed to Grandma and Papa's house for lunch.
Miss Priss has arrived. She loves her new sunglasses.
Chloe and Annie Kate. Chloe was just quietly sitting next to her when all of a sudden she started telling Annie Kate about her "new shoes". She loves everything pink and her teacher even told me this morning that she tells them all about all of her pink stuff at home.
Connor spent most if his time cruisin' around.
After we ate and played a little, it was time to hunt some more eggs.
Again, Chloe took off and grabbed as many as she could.
Connor took his time and opened each egg he picked up to see what was inside before he put it in his basket. He wanted nothing to do with the money, he was just after candy and would stop and eat a few before finding more eggs.
After the egg hunt, it was time to open all of our eggs, and eat candy of course!
I heard "Open it!" about 156 times yesterday.
I love everything about this picture, Chloe's curly hair, Connor's mouth full of candy, their little fingers digging into the wrappers, and Chloe checking out what her bubba got. Which by the way, she says things like "Where's my bubba at?" or "Where's my Connor at?" and "I go play with my bubba". She follows him around everywhere. But at school the teachers say that he follows her around.
So after a day filled with eating nothing but candy, Doritos, more candy, ice cream, cookies, and no nap, these two fell asleep as soon as we were on the road.
We had a few meltdowns once we got home so we took an early bath, watched a little bit of a movie and headed to bed where it took them a while to actually fall asleep. They were OVERLY tired! We're paying for it a little bit this morning with a lot of grumpiness, but I think over all, they had a good weekend. They really got into it and got excited about everything they got and had fun playing the whole time.

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