Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Is it Summer yet?!?!

The weather has been so nice and I've been trying to come up with activities for us to do after school instead of coming home and fighting over toys and what cartoons to watch. I know they are tired and have played all day long at school and sometimes it is nice to just turn on a movie the second we get home so they can unwind while I make dinner.
 But it's also sometimes way too nice to do that! Yesterday, we stopped at the park on our way home and had the whole place to ourselves!
They love to swing. Connor would want to get down every now and then and go slide and then come running back to get in the swing. Chloe would just say "I swinging, not sliding".
When we got home, I opened the back door and they went running out. They love playing in the back yard. I can also make dinner and either leave the back door open so I can see them and they can run in and out or I just open the windows and keep an eye on them.
  I noticed they had discovered the bubbles we had out there from this weekend and after Chloe spilt a whole bottle of bubbles and was getting frustrated because her bubble gun didn't work any more, I broke out the new sidewalk chalk the Easter Bunny brought. I hadn't really planned on them drawing all over the back porch, I was mainly saving it for the driveway, but I just let that go and they loved it! I couldn't get them to come inside to eat!
They just made little circles all over the place but they told me they were drawing their names.
They were begging to go back out after dinner. I think we're going to have to do more drawing tonight.

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