Monday, December 22, 2014

Boomer Days 14 thru 23

Day #14
He brought the kids a Gingerbread House kit and got a little carried away with the bows.

Day #15
He got sent to Time Out for not listening to his mommy and daddy (can you tell we were trying to send a message?) (Didn't work)

Day #16
Coloring and playing with stickers with his friends.

Day #17
Spiderman got him with his web!

Day #18
He hung his own stockings!

Day #19
Racing with Barbie

Day #20
Having a Tea Party at the castle.

Day #21
Boomer got Papaw's train out and set it up for us to play with!

Day #22
On a pirate adventure with Jake!

Day #23
Reading a Charlie Brown Christmas to all of his friends.

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