Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Children's Museum

Yesterday, I loaded all 3 kids up and we went to the Children's Museum. There is this giant climbing thing made of what looks like tape and plastic wrap.
I don't know if Chloe was scared or just couldn't walk on it without slipping, but I caught this amazing moment between the twins and I'll never forget how it made my heart feel.
 She was stuck in one spot and Connor went back to help her, all on his own. I wasn't right there telling him what to do and even if I was, it was so loud, he never would have heard me. But before they went in there I told them to stick together. I watched him walk back to where she was, hold out his hand and lift her up and then hold her hand all the way to the other side.
There was a string maze, hanging ropes and other activities in this room and in the other room were dinosaurs and another slide.
It was very crowded, and I'm not convinced it was worth the $20 I paid for us to get in, but they had fun and I guess that's all that matters.

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