Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Last Tuesday, we loaded up the car and headed out around 9:00 pm for Alabama.
 The thinking was that if we drove at night, all 3 kids would sleep most of the time, and we wouldn't have to make stops for potty breaks and feedings.
 Of course that didn't happen. The twins wanted to watch a movie so they didn't end up falling asleep until around 11:00 and then around 1:00 am it was time to stop for gas. As soon as we got off the highway and slowed down, they woke up. So that meant we had to go in for a potty break. Then they wanted to watch another movie (which I should have just said no, but I didn't want the whining to wake the baby up), so they were up again until around 3:00 am.
Shortly after we got back on the highway from getting gas, Cooper had a blowout so we had to stop again and get him all cleaned up.
The last hour was the roughest. The kids were tired of being in their car seats and they were so tired and hungry. But we made it and were so excited to see everyone!

We spent Wednesday catching up with everyone and just playing.
This is my Papaw with Cooper.
Cooper was held the majority of the time and he loved every minute of it.
Connor and Chloe got pretty spoiled too.
While Papaw was cooking the turkey...
I attempted to get some family pictures on the front porch.
Connor was pouting and he wasn't going to give in so we had to take a break and try it again later...
This was our family of 4, 2 years ago (I didn't get a picture last year)...
And now in 2014...

Mamaw had all of the Christmas decorations up because we were going to play Dirty Santa while everyone was together.
So after we had Thanksgiving...
We had Christmas!
Friday morning, we got up and had breakfast, and then took a few pictures with Mamaw and Papaw.
We left around 3:00 that day. We decided to try something other than driving all night. We figured if we left at 3:00, they would nap in the car until it was time to stop for dinner and then we could all get out and stretch our legs and then get back in the car and they would sleep the rest of the way.
And that's pretty much how it worked out. After dinner, they watched a few Christmas movies and then fell asleep. We got home around 1:30 am and put them straight in bed and everyone slept until around 8:00, including Cooper!

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