Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Weekend randoms

Saturday morning, the kids woke up to see that Boomer set up a train set my Papaw had given us last year. They LOVE it and have asked at least 50 times this weekend if they could play with the train.
Connor is the main engineer but every once in a while he'll let Chloe drive. But he's right next to her telling her to "go slow!". If the train goes too fast it goes off the track so he freaks out a little bit.
Do you see the look of panic on his face? And she's probably thinking "I wish he would just let me drive!"

We had to pry them off the train set to go to a birthday party for a friend from school, Charlie.
It was at a trampoline park and they LOVED it!
 I actually really like going to these birthday parties. I like to see them interact with other kids. And apparently, Charlie is one of Connor's best buddies. Every day, when I pick the kids up from school, I'll ask who they played with that day and what did they play with and Connor usually talks about these 2 boys, Charlie and James, and a few others like Asher and Cameron. I loved seeing Connor having a conversation with his buddies.
At the party, a mom of another friend in their class came up to me and said that her daughter talks about Connor and Chloe every day and she had no idea that they were twins or even brother and sister. But she said the little girl always lumps them together like they are one person. I found that interesting since I've been told by one teacher that they really don't even play together that much at school.  At the party, Chloe started off following Connor everywhere, but they quickly branched off when their other friends started arriving.
Saturday night, we met some friends for dinner and then headed to Bass Pro to see Santa. But the line was way too long so we just looked around.

Sunday morning, we made our gingerbread house that Boomer brought us.
We spent the rest of the day napping and snuggled up watching tv.

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