Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Weekend Randoms

We went to a birthday party at the indoor soccer complex on Saturday afternoon. The kids were so excited. I even took them to Target with me to help pick out the gift. They've been a little sheltered when it comes to running errands because it's just so much faster for me to go alone. But they had fun so I need to do it more often.

They had so much fun playing that I think we decided that we're going to sign them back up for soccer in January.
The cookies had black icing and of course the only thing Chloe eats is the icing so I couldn't help but laugh and take a picture when I saw her face.
Connor and Chloe both kept asking to see this picture all day. They thought it was so funny.

Saturday night, we went to the Christmas Parade in downtown Tulsa.
Cooper was all bundled up.
Connor loves to take pictures of himself.
And of course this was the big hit...
Will the Frozen madness ever stop?!

A few random funny things the kids are saying/doing:

Chloe has started carrying around a little purse and on Sunday she told me that she needed some money in her purse. So I told her that she had to work for her money by doing a few chores. And Connor reply was "I'm going to work in the yard this weekend." It was so funny and so random but I guess he heard the word "work" and has heard David talk about "working" in the yard and it just came out.

If Chloe is playing with something that's Connor's, he will find a random toy and take it up to her like he's sharing and will offer to trade her. Chloe is all about it and exclaims "Connor is sharing mommy!" even though the reality is that he just wants what she's playing with so he's distracting her.

Connor has started stalling going to bed as long as he can. Since they've been potty trained and are now sleeping in underwear, I keep reminding them to get up and go potty if they need to. So now, after we put them to bed, we will hear Connor's door open and he will just come downstairs and start giving us excuses for things he needs, like he needs to blow his nose, he needs a drink of water, he needs to potty, or he just needs to tell me "night night" again. This has become and every night thing.

When they wake up in the morning, most of the time, the first thing that comes out of their mouth is "Where's Chloe?" or "Where's Connor?". But then they never even speak when they do see each other. I guess they just need to know where the other one is.
Connor has been asking for his hair to be spiked up like a dinosaur and Chloe asks for a princess hair cut.

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