Monday, December 8, 2014

We love Christmas!

We managed to fill our weekend with Christmas!
  Friday night, David and I went to my company Christmas party. And then the rest of the weekend was spent in our Christmas jammies watching Christmas movies and we even managed to make a few ornaments.

Chloe has started playing with Cooper a little more. I thought this was sweet with their matching jammies (and her crazy bedhead).
Anytime Cooper is on the floor, it's working on crawling. He is trying so hard. He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth and talks really loud like he's saying "Is everyone watching me?! Look at me!"

We attempted to make salt-dough hand print ornaments, but I'm not really loving how they turned out so I'm not sure if they'll make it to the tree or not. I think it was all my fault with how I made the dough I guess. Luckily I bought some pre-made ones that they could paints if those didn't work out.
Connor took his time painting a bunch of colors on his Christmas tree and then took the black and covered it all up. But he was so proud of it. Chloe was more interested in coloring the water. She would dip her brush in the paint and then dip it in the water to watch it change colors.

We also had a little scare. Connor came running in to my bathroom Sunday morning in a panic. He scared me to death. But after he finally got out what he needed to tell me, I understood. He told me that he didn't touch Boomer but was all upset about it so when I went in to look at Boomer, he was knocked over. He told me that he touched the paper that Boomer was sitting on. I'm not sure I buy that but he was so upset that Boomer had fallen over and he thought he was in so much trouble. And then I had to stop myself from just picking Boomer up! I just scooped him up with some paper and propped him back up. All without touching him. At least I know they are believing in the elf!

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