Friday, December 12, 2014

Boomer Days 7 thru 13

Day #7
Boomer took Elfie Selfies with all of the kids while they were sleeping!

And while they were napping that day, he changed into his jersey to get ready for the OU/OSU game...

Day #8
Boomer played "Frozen" with his friends Anna and Olaf.

Day #9
Boomer took a joyride with Jesse.

Day #10
I forgot to take a picture this day, but we found Boomer riding on Rudolf.

Day #11
Boomer took a bubble bath in Daddy's sink since he was out of town. This kids thought this was hilarious.

Day #12
Boomer and Buzz had a snowball fight and made a huge mess! Even on the floor! My kids of course cleaned it up off the floor... And Connor couldn't believe they had built towers!

Day # 13
We tried to get ice this morning but Boomer was in the way!

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