Saturday, January 28, 2012

Birth Story

I'm not sure if you want all of the details of the c-section, but basically it was scheduled for 9:00 am on Thursday, January 19th and the morning was pretty hectic. Nurses and doctors coming into get me all ready. And my parents and grandparents showed up right in time because the doctor was ready to get the show on the road and I was taken back to the operating room around 8:30.

It's so hard to even imagine I had that big belly now! It's so crazy how much your body changes in the days after delivery!

Daddy getting ready.

It was a little scary after that. I was nervous about the procedure and what all I would actually feel and the pain I would be in afterwards. But David tried to keep m calm and I could tell how excited he was to finally see our babies.

Then it started happening pretty fast. I had a lot of fluid and I guess Connor was in a weird spot or something because it took a little time to get him out and it felt like they even had to push Chloe a little farther up to get him out and that was a little uncomfortable. I couldn't breathe and felt a lot of pressure.

But then came the babies!



I think this was Connor. It's pretty much all I got to see of the babies for 12 hours! Because they were immediately taken to the Special Care Nursery, they weren't allowed to come to my too and because of my c-section, I wasn't allowed to get out of bed for 12 hours.
So David ran around, greeting family and spreading the news and taking visitors back to see them.

This is a picture of both of them straight out of the operating room on the way to the nursery.



Chloe and Connor's great-grandparents, my Mamaw and Papaw drove all the way from Alabama to be here for the birth. This is them with Chloe.

Proud Daddy getting to feed them...while I was stuck in bed! I'm so sad I missed all of these moments but David did such a good job about keeping me updated and by taking so many pictures and bringing them back to show me.

I finally got to get out of bed around 9:30 that night and I got wheeled down to the nursery.

Then, the next few days were filled with visitors. We tried to get pictures of everyone that came to visit, but I know we missed a few in there. If your reading this, we're so sorry and we really do appreciate you!

And when we didn't have visitors, we were busy spending time with them in the nursery, changing diapers and giving feedings, and getting weighed, and having our first baths.




This was the door to my room.

What an amazing day! Our lives will never be the same!

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