Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just a practice run...

We went in for a normal ultrasound and doctor's appointment this afternoon and ended up being admitted to the hospital!

Long story blood pressure was higher than it has been the last couple of times we've been in and after it still didn't go down after a second check, the doctor wanted to admit me to monitor my blood pressure over a few hours.

Blood work was done to check for preeclampsia and it came back fine. I was checked and I'm dilated to a little over a one. The babies heart rates were monitored and when all of my blood pressure checks came back normal, the on call doctor released me to go home.

During the the stay at the hospital, I went back and forth on what I wanted to happen. I'm so ready for these babies to be here and I seem to get more and more miserable everyday, but when it was actually possible that they might be coming today, unexpected, I got a little nervous.

So hopefully we can all stick to the plan and just have the c-section next Friday when I'm more prepared. Who am I kidding, I still won't be prepared!

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