Monday, January 9, 2012

Today's Growth Measurements

We had our last growth measurements done today at the hospital. The tech told us they aren't 100% accurate but she measured everything twice to try to get as close as possible. And the results girl is weighing in at about 5 pounds and baby boy is weighing in at about 6 1/2 pounds! He weighs more than I did when I was born!And , according to the tech, he for sure has more hair than her.
She still has hair but he must have a lot more. So I'm convinced he is going to come out looking like David and she is going to look like me.All of their other measurements are still going good as well including them breathing. This all makes me really hopeful that they won't have to go to the NICU at all when they're born next week unless there is something else wrong that we don't know about.
We also finally got a good look at her face. When the tech started with him she made a comment about how it's going to be a little difficult getting all of his measurements because of how low his head it (he's so low that I'm surprised he isn't falling out!) and I told her to just wait because she has always been more difficult because of her facing my spine and how she never rolls over, etc. Well she proved me wrong. She was even looking right at us most of the time. But all the tech got a picture of was her profile, which is the most we've gotten since her first growth scan.

So with my enzyme levels getting lower and the itching getting better, their sizes, and them practicing their breathing, I feel really good about them coming next week. I can hardly wait to finally meet them even more now.

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