Sunday, January 29, 2012

What's Chloe been up to?

Well, she's still hanging out in her little condo (the incubator thing) in the Special Care Nursery.

She needs to be able to complete her full bottles and she needs to gain weight.We have good and bad feedings and I start to get my hopes up and then my heart aches with every bad feeding. I just want her to be able to tolerate the food and digest it properly so he can get bigger and healthier so she can come home.
She has started throwing up after feedings the last 2 days so last night they ordered an X-ray of her abdomen and it came back fine, but they stopped all of her feedings for the night and cleaned out her belly to try to start fresh and we're hoping there's no more bile in her tummy this morning. But no feedings means they had to put an IV in her head. I had to leave before I saw them do that...I'm too emotional to watch all of the things she has to go through. It's extremely hard to watch my baby go through all of this.
It's also difficult and stressful to try to figure out how to be a new mommy to a baby at home and also make frequent trips daily to see your other baby in the hospital. What makes it even harder is that Connor isn't allowed back in the nursery so we have to find someone to watch him everyday because I haven't been allowed to drive after my c-section (until tomorrow!).It's hard to leave either one of them and also feel like I'm being a good mommy and giving them each the attention that they need.

Update: The IV is in her foot, not her head. Thank goodness!
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