Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The latest

We finally had an appointment to see the doctor today and talk to him about what this ICP really means.

We had an ultrasound first and the babies looked perfect. We didn't get to measure their sizes (next time), but their heart rates, blood flow from the umbilical cords, and amniotic fluid all measured perfect.

So what the doctor basically told us was that after meeting with the specialist, they have a plan of trying to make it to 36 weeks, as long as everything still measures good at my appointments twice a week. So that makes the delivery date January 20th. He said that we take a gamble on taking them too early because of the chance of long term complications and we take a gamble with keeping them in too long. So for now, it seems like a guessing game.
I'm still pretty nervous about it, but I trust that checking them often will help ease my mind.

Also, my blood pressure was a little high and the doctor recommended that I stop working now. So tomorrow is my first official day on bed rest. I'm looking forward to it because I might finally be able to get some rest. I'm not sleeping very well at night because of all the itching caused by the ICP. But hopefully the medicine I'm on to treat it and the steroids will help with the itching.

So, the house is all clean and the nursery and playroom are all finished so all I have to do now is rest and wait.



  1. Wow! ICP, I'm still not understanding exactly what that means besides the bile salts thing. Did they seem to think it was really serious? I'm sorry you're on bed rest but I'm sure it's best for the twins. I know these last few weeks seem like an eternity. Thinking and praying for you guys.

  2. I googled it and it does seem pretty serious but you've got great doctors looking out for you. You are being monitored and they'll do what's best for you and the babies. Relax and meditate on good thoughts of how special it's going to be when those beautiful babies get here. <3

  3. Yeah, it's pretty serious. Worst case scenario is that the babies could be stillborn if they stay in there too long. But I trust that the doctors are doing everything possible so that doesn't happen.
    And yes, it just means bile salts are getting backed up in my liver. Not exactly sure what bile salts are, but my enzyme levels are high. But I'm taking medication to treat this and I'll get tested again tomorrow to see if my levels have gone down any.
    Thank you for your sweet comments :)