Monday, February 8, 2010

Busy weekend...

I guess I should just say that we had a busy Saturday.

We didn't do much Friday night, just stayed around the house. But then Saturday morning we got up and went to Walker's birthday party (our nephew).

This is our other nephew, Jagger...

Then we had to leave there to go meet my parents at the Tulsa Boat Show.

That night we went to the Hardrock Casino. It was sooooo crowded and we saw tons of people we knew. I really wasn't too into it because I was just sticking to my waters and a Red Bull or two. But I think my parents had fun, despite loosing their money!

Look at Lesa in the background! So funny!

Then we ended the night with a late night trip to IHOP, of course. The New York Cheesecake pancakes are sooooo good! I'm really going to have to kick it back into gear this week with the workout!

Oh, and my dad had just purchased something I have been wanting so badly the night before they came up. The exact same camera I'm wanting!!! So not fair! But I did get to play with it a little and it just made me want it more. I'm really wanting to learn all about how to take good pictures with it and then how to edit them.

And now, I'm just trying to make it through the week...patiently waiting to leave for our ski trip next Monday. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

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