Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We're Back!

We made it back from the ski trip in one piece. We both came back sick, but we're back. I started getting sick on Wednesday night and it still hasn't completely gone away. My congestion is better but my right ear has been clogged up since Saturday! I'm taking Mucinex D hoping it will clear up soon so I can hear again!

We had a lot of fun. We skied 4 full days and 1 night. So that's a LOT of skiing and by Friday, we'd had enough and called it a day early in the afternoon. I took over 200 pictures with my new camera and about 100 with my old digital point and shoot camera. I didn't feel comfortable taking my new camera out on the mountain with me while I was skiing, so I just used my old one during the day. Even though I took that many pictures, I had to go through and delete a bunch of them because they didn't really turn out very good. I'm still trying to get used to what settings I need to use when. I want to thank everyone on the ski trip for putting up with me taking tons of pictures of them over the week. I need the practice and everyone was pretty much a good sport about it.
I wish I could post all of the pictures, but that would take FOREVER to download and it would take up too much space on my blog! Maybe I'll make a slide show sometime later on and post it on my blog somewhere. But for now...here are a few pictures...

This is the view from our condo.

Neely & Amy

Chip & Mandi

Jeremy & Rachel


Me & David

And now...on to another topic...
I started my next cycle while we were on the ski trip. So I called the doctor and set up an appointment for yesterday morning. This appointment was for an ultrasound to make sure the cyst was gone. If it was gone, we could start the next round of IUI. But if it was still there, we were going to have to do something to remove it and I didn't want to find out what that was! So we got some good news...the cyst is gone!!! She said that everything looks perfect and my right ovary already showed some follicles waiting to go! Yeah!!! So I started on my Clomid last night and I take it through Friday. Then I'll go back for another ultrasound on Monday, March 1st, to check my follicles and to find out when I need to take my trigger shot. But more than likely I will take the shot Monday night and then we'll be back in on Wednesday, March 3rd, for the insemination.

I'm really positive and excited about this month so maybe that will help a little. Who knows what works and what doesn't, but at least we are doing everything we can about it right now.
I don't think I've mentioned this on here yet or not, but I've started reading a book called "Conquering Infertility". I know, it sounds so dramatic, doesn't it? But it has actually been a big help to me. Every word in it is describing exactly what I have felt over the past 2 years. It explains the jealousy feeling towards others, and the feelings of failure and frustration, and being able to control everything but this one huge thing. It tells you how to start dealing with all of these feelings. There are tons of different options, like meditation (I know it sounds funny, but it's just like a breathing technique that helps you calm down when you start getting anxiety about something). It talks about finding a hobby (this explains my need to start scrap booking, soon, I just don't' know where to start!). It talks about doing something nice for yourself on a daily basis. It also teaches you how to look at the good side of everything instead of just thinking negatively all the time, and appreciating the things you already have. This book makes me feel like I'm not alone in this and it's helped me communicate my feelings about all of this better with David. And it's also helped me understand a little of how he's feeling too, because I just assumed he's not upset about any of this because he never shows it. But one of us has to be strong, because if we were both like I am, we would just fall apart and would have to be committed to a looney bin! I now understand that he is upset when I'm upset. And he hates that I have to go through everything that I do (the doctor's appointments, the medicine, the poking and prodding). He is more relaxed about it though because he is confident that we will have a baby one day. I really hope he's right...

So wish us luck this month!!!!!!!!

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