Monday, February 15, 2010

Going Skiing!

We're sitting here waiting for Chip and Mandi to come pick us up to go to the airport to go to Colorado!!! I'm so excited! We took the dogs to the puppy hotel this morning and i really hope they do ok. Brutus loves it there and just plays the entire time. But he also spends most of his time torturing Peanut. He bugs Peanut like he does at home but he does it more aggressively because we aren't there to stop it and it's just like when kids go to day care, how they act completely different when their parents aren't around. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Peanut holds his own!

So I won't be posting the rest of the week while I'm gone. But I hope to have tons of pictures (from my new camera) when I get back.

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