Friday, September 3, 2010

Week 4 Day 4

Today I am 4 weeks and 4 days along. I know it's still sooooo early, but I already have a few symptoms (or maybe they are just symptoms my head is making up!). I'm tired, all the time. I sit at my desk all day dreaming of going home and taking naps on my couch. Last night I was in bed asleep at 8:00 and I already feel like I could take another nap right now! I'm also starting to get hungry. Yesterday morning I woke up with my stomach growling so I decided I should have some toast and milk, and I never eat breakfast. I usually just stuff a granola bar in my mouth when I get to work. Then by 10:00 yesterday morning I felt like I was going to die if I didn't get something to snack on so I got some pretzels. Then I seemed fine all afternoon after lunch, but as soon as I got home, it was like I couldn't function without shoving something in my face first. I was starving!!!!

Then I woke up this morning with my stomach growling again, so I made myself some toast and had some grapes. And I packed some food and snacks for the rest of my day here at work. I will not be unprepared again!

Also, it seems way too early for this, but today is Friday so we get to wear jeans to work. Well, the jeans I had picked out to wear are ones that aren't very long so I can wear flats with them and they have always been just a little bit more snug than some of my other jeans, but this morning I could still button them but I felt like all my insides were being crushed and I couldn't breathe! I don't think I have a baby bump yet, obviously, but I do think I'm extra bloated. So I used the old hair tie trick for my buttons on my jeans and it's so much more comfortable. I have a feeling the bump is going to come on pretty quickly though.

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