Friday, March 5, 2010

David's new ride...

David's new toy was delivered yesterday and he couldn't wait to get it out.

This will save him from having to spend a whole day mowing the yard. I think he's really excited about it.

In other news...I signed up for a photography class this morning. It starts March 27th and it's 3 Saturday's in a row for 3 hours each day. It's supposed to teach me about all of the different settings on my camera. I'm really excited to learn about it all because I feel like I still know nothing about my camera and I get so frustrated when I can't find the right setting to take good pictures. I feel like all of my pictures look like crap! There are 2 courses to take and this is the first one. So we'll see how it goes and then I'll determine if I need to take the second one. They also offer courses for photo editing and that's really exciting to me. I don't have any editing software yet, but there's one that I've heard a lot of good stuff about and one of the courses focuses entirely on that software! So that might be something I do later on, when I actually figure the camera out.

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