Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Memorial weekend is only 58 days away! And I'm nowhere near what I want to look like before I attempt a bikini! As you may have noticed, I haven't posted anything about P90x since my first post about it. That's because I don't really know what happened to that...We got busy with something a few weeks into it and we're having a hard time getting back into it. And the fact that I'm worried about working out too hard while were going through the IUIs is a problem too. But I figured if I can just take control of my calorie intake and limit my snacking for a few weeks and do a little exercise every day, I should get a little closer to bikini presentable without being too ashamed!

I have stuck to my diet every day this week (yes, I'm aware that it's only Wednesday, but I usually fall apart by Tuesday!). I'm not on a certain diet, just keeping track of my calories and making sure I at least walk or run 2 miles every day. I have found a few simple meals that fit into my daily calorie intake needed to lose a few pounds and I feel like I can do this, for a few weeks anyway... But one of my biggest problems is the tempting new vending machine at work. The old machine had really random crap in it and nothing ever really looked appealing, but this one is fulling stocked with everything!

(By the way, this is another picture taken with my crappy iPhone camera but edited with the TiltShiftGen app)

So everyone, please keep me in your thoughts and give me the strength to overcome this evil machine!!!

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