Monday, March 1, 2010

The big day...

I had an appointment this morning for an ultrasound to see how many follicles I have and to determine when I needed to take the trigger shot and then when we need to do the IUI. I had 4 follicles but only 2 of those are big enough to be able to release an egg. The follicle has to be at least 17 mm to be able to release an egg. My follicles are 14 mm, 12mm, 19 mm, and 23 mm. The doctor wanted to go ahead and do the trigger shot right there at the appointment because she said she wants to do the IUI tomorrow to try to catch that big follicle at just the right time. So we go back in tomorrow morning for the IUI and then I'm headed home to do nothing but lay around and hope everything does what it's supposed to do!
I'm really excited but I'm trying not to think about it too much. I want to stay positive but at the same time, I don't want to get my hopes up. It's very hard to do both at the same time! But I know that if it doesn't work this time, we will move forward and eventually, one day it will happen.
I was really busy at work today, so I didn't really have alot of time to obsess about it too much. And I'm going stay busy the rest of the week, so hopefully it will make the 2 week wait seem to fly by.
Another thing I'm excited about is my chairs I've ordered for the front porch. I've got 2 wicker chairs being delivered later this week and I really hope they look ok. I think it'll change the whole look of the front of the house. I searched all last summer for 2 good chairs to put on the front porch before we moved in and I couldn't find anything that was under $500 per chair and I'm not paying that! The ones I got are from Target and I like the style and the price was reasonable, so I just went for it because I've learned that if I wait too long, they sell out! So check back for before and after pictures!

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