Friday, March 12, 2010

New chairs!

My new chairs for the front porch were delievered on Monday and David put them together, but I'm just now getting pictures of them because I haven't had the cushions on them because of the chance of rain all week.

I think they look really good and I'm so glad the porch isn't completely bare anymore! I'm planning on getting some kind of plant for the table and some other plants to put on the porch too.

We're planning on working on the flower bed this weekend. I want to extend the flower bed that's in front of the window to where it wraps around the sidewalk all the way to the driveway, so there will be a flower bed on both sides of the walkway. Does that make sense? I can't wait to get some more stuff planted in there too. I'm not crazy about the bushes we have right now but I think they will look better if we trim them down and add some other greenery and flowers in there. I'm just so jealous of our neighbors because they had their yard professionally landsaped when we moved in last fall. I really hope we do a good job on ours! Hopefully I'll have pictures by Monday of the progress.

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