Wednesday, March 3, 2010


We had our 2nd round of IUI yesterday and everything went really well. David had a sperm count of 41 million after the washing! Yeah!! That's really good. He had 53 million last time, but 41 million is still really good. I think I've read that they need at least 1 million to have a chance of it working, but it's better to have more than 20 million. So we're good there!
I also read more about follicles too and found out that it's good to have 4 follicles and the best size for an egg being released depends on what fertility meds you're on. So for the Clomid that I'm on, the best follicle size is 20-24, and my biggest one this time was 23 mm. But I also read that the follicles grow about 1-2 mm per day until an egg is released, so my 23 might have turned into a 24, and my 19 into a 20, etc. by the time we did our IUI yesterday. And just because a follicle isn't as big as they say they are supposed to be, doesn't mean they still won't actually release an egg. That made me feel better.
The doctor said that at my age, we have a 25-30% chance of this 2nd IUI resulting in a pregnancy. I asked her if our chances were affected by having to skip the last 2 months because of the cyst and she said that doesn't affect anything.
The actual procedure went alot better this time too. Last time I felt a sharp cramping when she was inserting the catheter, but I didn't feel anything this time. I went home and layed down for the rest of the day afterwards and got a really good nap in. It was so nice (except for Brutus outside barking at the builders across the street that were hammering all day)! I did have some cramping last night though that was pretty annoying. But I slept good and woke up feeling perfect this morning.
I go back next Tuesday for blood work to test my progesterone level (this determines the thickness of my lining which helps the embryos attach). Then I'll go back for my blood pregnancy test the Tuesday after that.
Keep your fingers crossed!

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