Thursday, March 11, 2010

The longest week ever!!!

I'm trying to be really patient and wait for my pregnancy test on Tuesday, but it's only Thursday! And each day seems longer than the one before!
This past Tuesday I had a blood test done to check my progesterone levels. This level determines the thickness of the wall, and the thicker the better because it makes it easier for a fertilized egg attach and implant. My level was above 20, which is good! The nurse said that since during both IUIs I had a number above 20, I won't have to do the progesterone test again if we have to do another IUI after this one.
This waiting is driving me crazy and I really want to go running to get some of this anxiety and stress out! But I'm afraid to run because I don't want to do anything too strenuous because if something went wrong, I would be second guessing everything I did. I have been trying to walk every day, sometimes even twice a day. So that helps. I really like my walks after work with David the best. It's a way for us to catch up on stuff instead of trying to talk to each other in front of the tv. And we take the dogs to try to wear them out so they aren't running all over the house all night.
Another way I'm keeping busy is by playing Words With Friends on my iphone. I'm totally addicted and it makes my boring days at work go by a little faster. I highly suggest getting involved with this if you have an iphone. It's Scrabble and you can play with people you know or random strangers that are online. I've never played Scrabble before, but I LOVE this! My username is taralyndun!

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