Thursday, April 1, 2010

Picture time

OK, so these might be a little boring for some, but it's a little exciting for me. Last night I decided to try out a few of the tips I learned in my last class and throughout this week from websites and friends (Please keep in mind that I am a very early beginner at all of this). Mainly I was just trying to adjust the white balance, ISO and the aperture on my camera so I wasn't just shooting in P mode and using my flash indoors like I normally do. Apparently using your flash at all is a big no no. I don't know if I'm going to give up my flash permanently, but at lease I know that I can do without it.

First, I took a few pictures of Peanut right before bedtime. The dogs had just settled in and they wanted no part of this! You will notice I have no pictures of Brutus and this is because he was laying on his bed with his head hanging off the side and his big jowls (sp?) were hanging open and he was already fast asleep snoring and it was not a pretty picture.

I was proud of myself because I didn't automatically turn the flash on because I was inside. I adjusted my ISO to what I think was the right setting. Granted, the light was on, but usually the pictures are still dark inside even with a light on, or the color is distorted.

Please pay no attention to his over grown nails...we haven't made it to the groomer in a while!

Then I went into the bedroom where there was way less light. Only a little lamp was turned on by the bed. I took a few pictures of my helpful, patient husband. Thank you for participating David.

I know these just look like normal pictures, nothing special. But to me it's a good thing! I am always getting so frustrated because I don't know what I'm doing wrong and why my pictures are fuzzy or dark or the color is weird. Now I'm understanding why all of those things happen and what I need to do to fix them.

Here are a few pictures that I've taken for my class. These are for the final project. It's a photo scavenger hunt and I was given a list of 19 items and I'm supposed to pick 15 to find and take pictures of. I don't know if these are going to be the ones I turn in but I thought I would at least try to start somewhere.

One of the items is to find a time piece. This is a clock on a church downtown and I thought it was pretty.

Another item was to find a flag and there is also one for finding a tall building. So I did both in the same picture, but you can barely see the flag on this one because the picture is so small on here.

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  1. i can already tell an improvement! good job! keep practicing! practice makes perfect!