Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yesterday went ok, I guess... David's sperm count after wash was 30 million. That's good (anything over 20 million after wash is perfect). And I got to talk to the doctor more about what she thought about my follicle sizes this time. I asked her if the new medicine did what she was wanting it to do and she said yes. She said that all 4 follicles are good and have a chance of releasing eggs. She said that we almost missed the really big one, but I didn't ovulate yet, so we still have a chance of catching it. So that made me feel a lot better about the big sizes.

But she did say that at my age, I should be getting pregnant within 3 or 4 IUI cycles and so if this one doesn't work, I for sure have to have the Laparoscopy done and then we will have to reevaluate our next move which could possibly be IVF.

So then we started the procedure and it was really starting to hurt. She said that my cervix had a slight curve in it for some reason and she couldn't get the catheter in! OMG! It was painful! She finally changed to a different kind of catheter and was able to get in there. But I've been cramping ever since! I went home and crashed for over 3 hours and woke up with horrible cramps. They lasted all through the night and I still have them right now. I almost called into work and I really have no idea why I didn't. I'm ok if I can just sit still, but I have trouble when I need to get up and walk somewhere. It's slow moving down the hall for me and I really don't want anyone to ask what's wrong with me. Only a few people here know what's going on, but I don't want every nosey pants getting in my business!

I don't have to go back for my progesterone blood test next week because my last 2 have been excellent. So I the next time I go back is in 2 weeks for the blood pregnancy test. I'm going to try my best to think positive thoughts but not get my hopes up too high!

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  1. Hang in there girl, all will come together. I love your blog! Talk to you soon:)