Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Positive Thoughts

Today is the day. My anxiety level is EXTREMELY high today. I don't know why...I've been through this before...2 times before! When I got to work this morning and I got out of my car and started walking into work, I started shaking and crying. I have no idea why. Is it the medicine? Is it my nerves or anxiety? Or is it that I'm so scared that this won't work again? I don't know. I'm trying to keep myself busy here at work so I won't think about it too much. Only a few hours left...

Yesterday when I was at the doctor's office waiting on a nurse to give me my schedule for today, another nurse was waiting with me and saw me looking at my chart and she said something about how thick it was or something. Each month I go in, a nurse fills out this brown thick piece of paper that charts out my month schedule, when my appointments will be, when I need to start what medicine, what size my follicles are, etc. and since I have been in every month for the last 5 months, I had a thick little folder filled with brown paper. And then she said something about why is it so thick but I'm only on my 3rd IUI? And then she asked if I had cysts and I said yes. But THANK YOU VERY MUCH for pointing out how THICK my folder is! That is not good!


Wish us luck!

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