Friday, April 23, 2010


Little Baby Bobby!

My friend Chelsea had a perfectly healthy baby boy yesterday.

I only got to hold him for a few minutes. Chelsea and Robby have so much family that came for the birth and there was so much going on with her trying to nurse for the first time and I was in extreme pain and wanted to get home to curl up in a ball. So I plan on going back today for more Aunt Tara time.

After being in so much pain yesterday, today is a piece of cake. My stomach is feeling much better. Instead of cramping, it's more like a mixture of feeling bloated, feeling gasy (without the gas), and just feeling like there's a knot in my stomach. I can totally live with that compared to what I went through yesterday.

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  1. I want more info! I've gotten several texts but I want the REAL scoop! How is Chelsea doing? She said it was hectic but she was in GREAT spirits! Email me if you get a chance! chelsetrollope at gmail dot com