Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy, busy...kind of...

Even though this weekend felt like it was extremely busy, we actually did NOTHING all day Saturday and Saturday night. But for some reason, I still feel like I had no down time. I just want to be lazy for an entire weekend! And I know my chances for that are quickly diminishing because summer time is coming and I already know every single weekend is packed with activities already!

On Friday night we went to the Hard Rock for a surprise birthday party for my friend Reagan. Even though it was supposed to be a surprise, she was the first one there! So we didn't get to yell "Surprise!". I had so much fun catching up. We haven't seen each other in so long but we always seem to pick right back up where we left off. I took a few pictures but they turned out so crappy so I have nothing to post. There are 2 reasons they looked so crappy...1)my double chin! and 2)my point and shoot always lets me down. I REALLY want a knew one so bad, but I can't even bring it up to David because I already know what he'll say, "you just got a really expensive camera, why do you need a new one?" Well, David, if you are reading this...I need a new point and shoot because I'm not going to lug around a HUGE camera every where I go. I need a decent little camera to keep in my person for these certain occasions.

Moving on...

I got to sleep in on Saturday and then we pretty much did nothing but lay around and watch tv. David was complaining about how we were just wasting the day away and I told him to get up and do something then! But he was passed out in his chair about 5minutes after that! Ha! I guess he didn't mind wasting the day away.

I got up yesterday morning and didn't really have a plan for the day. I knew I needed to clean the house a little but I really wasn't in the mood! I started picking up my closet because there was crap everywhere and it put me in a bad mood every time I walked in there. So I got it all cleaned up and switched my winter shoes out with my summer shoes and it looks so good! Then I just started cleaning everything like a maniac and when I was finished I had spent 5 hours cleaning! The thing that took the most time was my floors. I love hardwood floors but I HATE cleaning them. I decided it was time to strip them and get the wax build up off. I feel like it was a huge mistake and waste of time because they look the EXACT same as they did before I spent hours on them. Oh well, at least the rest of the house sparkled like new.

Oh...and after 5 days of constant cramping &/or bloating, I FINALLY feel back to normal!!! I told David that I'm convinced the other 2 IUIs were not done right because I didn't have any pain or cramping at all with them! So hopefully that's a good sign for this time!

Also, I want to say congratulations again to my friend Chelsea and Robby who took their brand new baby Bobby home from the hospital on Saturday. I can't wait to see him again!

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